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MAGIC Day Camp: ( co-ed ALL AGES magic classes)
Learn Magic, Illusion, Mentalism and Stage Performance!

Wizard Camp – Learn Magic! (Taught by 2 full time professional award winning magicians, Joe Givan and Carol Massie)
What’s Included?
  • Activities include: Learning Magic which is excellent for dexterity, self-confidence, stage presence, coordination, creativity & self-motivation.
  • Performance skills are emphasized.
  • We include a stage recital in a fully equipped theatre on final day of camp for family and friends!

When and what time?

  •  9:30 am – Noon each day…Monday through Thursday.
  • Recital for family & friends at NOON on Thursday.
  • Thursday morning, rehearse , then at Noon, we let audience in to see the recital, a Professional Show 
  • DATES for Summer Sessions in  2019 : 
  • June 24-27  &  July 8 -11,    (dates may be added).
  • We need a minimum of 10 students per session.

Who is it for and how much is it?

WHO? ALL AGES: 7 to 70 …Girls & Boys – We have had 33 year olds to 64 year olds!

(Private Lessons available for advanced students.)

COST?  $175 includes all supplies needed, bag for props, plus Recital Show for family & friends on the final day – Thursday at noon!


TO SIGN UP:  Mail  a check $175  payable to Dream Masterz Productions to:  3721 Starflower Road   Castle Rock, CO  80109-8453 

(We must have at least 10 students to hold each session.)

MUST SIGN UP 4 weeks prior!   Please include the name of the student, age and magic experience (if any.) 

Liability forms to be signed by parent or guardian on first day of camp.




Where is it?

 Theatre of Dreams 735 Park St., Suites C & D Castle Rock, CO 80109 (303) 660-6799 www.AmazingShows.com

Private Lessons

Call (303) 660-6799 for information or email carol at:  [email protected]

Private lessons are sold in packages of 4 ($100 each) or $400 which must be paid in full upfront upon your first lesson. Each lesson is one hour +. We try to fit the lessons within your schedule and we are fairly flexible. We teach lessons at our house as we have an arsenal of magic supplies and props in our basement studio. We live in the Meadows Community in Castle Rock which is 2 miles west of the Castle Rock Outlet Stores, exit 185 ( Castle Rock Parkway) and I-25.

Joe is the main close-up magic and sleight of hand instructor. Carol’s joins in the lesson when the student is ready to work on their presentation and performance. Joe is a creative, skilled, award-winning magician…one of the very best in the world, honestly. Carol’s strength is in staging and movement as well as script writing. We have only taken on 4 or 5 private students in the past few years due to our busy performing schedule and operating our theatre as well. Both Carol and Joe have been a professional magicians for about 40 years and they had separate careers prior to joining a s a team in 1993.

RAVE Reviews 

★ ★ ★ ★★ YELP REVIEW :

Shelley S.Castle Rock, CO ★ ★ ★ ★★ 5 STARS 6/14/2012
Our children just attended the Theater of Dreams’ summer camp, called “Wizard Camp”. Oh my gosh!
I can not rave enough about Carol and Joe’s caring and sincere approach to teaching the tricks of the trade to young students. They helped our children master illusions that were complicated! They even had a fantastic performance at the end of the week for all the parents at their beautiful theatre in Castle Rock for all to enjoy. We have truly found a gem in in this small town! We won’t miss a summer without enrolling our children for at least a week. What an opportunity!
As a result of this camp, our children are much more comfortable on stage as they speak to groups. In addition, they aren’t afraid of being themselves as they perform magic tricks (ones that they could’ve never learned on a store bought video or you tube). Truly an incredible experience orchestrated by owners who are world FAMOUS masters of their craft.

Truly an incredible experience for anyone … and how lucky that our kids get the inside scoop on all the action. A MUST DO!

★ ★ ★ ★★ YELP REVIEW : 7/2017

Wow, did my kids have a blast, but they were confident and creative onstage at the recital. What a transformation of the shy son and daughter I thought I have! I think this will help them in anything they do in life. Real Magic! Thank you Carol and Joe. They love working and learning from you two consumate pros! – Nathan

★ ★ ★ ★★ YELP REVIEW :6/25/ 2016

As a result of this Wizard camp, our daughter is no longer afraid to get up and speak in front of a crowd. All the students were encouraged to be creative in the trick they presented magic at the fun recital. The audience had a great time at this show! It was great to see adults performing onstage right along side the younger students. They all were having a great time. We will be back! – Paul

★ ★ ★ ★★ YELP REVIEW : 7/09/16

How fun to learn magic from 2 truly professional instructors! It was nice to have instruction sheets to refer to after the classes as reminders of how to do the effect as well as tips on performance in case we forget something. What a wonderful opportunity! – Dave

★ ★ ★ ★★ YELP REVIEW : 4/2017

I am an adult student aged 45 who decided I would like to learn some presentation skills from Joe and Carol. and YES, I did accomplish this and more. They are excellent instructors and really know their stuff when it comes to coaching someone how to do a creative presentation. Thank you! I love your theatre shows, also – truly always world class! Sean

WON “BEST of the BEST” 2009, 2010, 2011, 2012, 2013, 2014, 2015, 2016, 2017 FAMILY ENTERTAINMENT & BEST VENUE!

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