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Talented Performers onstage at THEATRE OF DREAMS since opening in 2003 include:

Eric Mead – Mentalist
Sven Jorgensen – juggler and circus artist
Doc Murdock – Zany Magician – matinee’ series
Peter Davison – Movement Artist and Juggler
Jim Jackson – European Style Clown – matinee’ series
Max & Sally Hapner – Illusionists – matinee’ series
Eric West – Musician – matinee’ series
Joe Givan & Carol Massie – Illusionists
Wayne Francis – Ventriloquist – matinee’ series
Chris Randall – Magician
Cosmo Salano – Magician
Shawn Popp – Magician
Daniel Garcia – Magician
Dream Masterz – Illusionists
Joe Cole – Magician
Ted Barlock – Magician
Mark Strivings – Mentalist/ Hypnotist
Chris Capehart – Magician
Mark Hellerstein – Ventriloquist – matinee’ series
Paul Borrillo – clown – matinee’ series
Bryn – Bagpiper – matinee’ series
Liz Masterson – Musician – matinee’ series
Danny Archer – Magician
Birgitta Dupree’- Actress – matinee’ series
Gazzo – Magician
Danny Archer – Magician
Brent Warren – Magician
Peter Davison-Movement Artist and Juggler
David Rosdeitcher – Zip Code Man
Jerry Cestowski – Flourish Man
Stephen Bargatze – Magician
Docc Hillford – Mentalist
Gregory Wilson – Professional Thief Show, Magician
Garrett Thomas – Magician
John Carney – Master Magician/Showman/Actor
Lew Wymisner – Great Loudini Magician
Tim Pendergast – Magician
Joe Cole – Magician
John Shryock & Marilyn – Illusionists
Handsome Little Devils – Jeff and Mike Huling- Juggling & Comedy
Amazing Guy – Thom Peterson

David Deeble – Comedian/ Juggler
Aaron Fisher – Magician
David Deeble with Velvet Elvis
Arsene Dupin – Magician/French Clown
Reid Belstock – Juggler/Physical Comedian
Fielding West – Magician
Martin Cox – Mentalism and Magic
David Deeble – Stand-up Comedian


Dream Masterz – Illusions and Magic
Doc Murdock – Comedy Magic & Ventriloquism
Gregory Wilson – Magician and “Thief”
Stephen Bargatze – Comedy Magician




Stuart MacDonald

Jeff McBride

Michael Ammar

Alain Nu

Max Maven 

Francis Menotti

Arian Black



Chris Daniels and the Kings

Matthew Fallon

Bob Sheets

Mario Marchese – The Maker Magician

David Parr

Peter Samelson 

David Deeble – Comedy Juggling



John Shryock and Marilyn and family illusion show

Gary Conder – Music & Magic Lounge with Joe Givan and Carol Massie


2021:   Shawn Preston 

Richard Kwesell 

Scott McCray 

Joe Givan & Carol Massie / Dream Masterz

Sugarfoot – Dad and Daughter Songs & Music 

Bruce Black as Elvis

Chad Wonder Easter Show

Giant Zero Band

Eric Buss



Erica Sodos – The Magic Within Mentalism Show

Brad Montgomery – Comedy, Magic & Motivation

Chipper Lowell – Where Comedy and Magic Collide




David Parr

American Heart Association Fund Raiser Variety Show 2008 :
John and Michele Bryan – Illusionists
Tim Foolery – Magician
Dave Elstun – Magician
Joe Givan – Magician
Carol Massie – Magician
Sean Popp – Magician
Gene Gordon – Magician
Gregg Tobo – Magician
Mark Strivings – Magician
Museum of Madness Halloween Shows for 2008 Halloween:
Gregg Tobo – Magician
Mark Strivings – Hypnotism and Magic
Joe Givan – Magician
Carol Massie – Magician
Luke Jermay – Mentalist
Ben Seidman – Magician
Dan Sperry – Illusionist and Magician
Reid Belstock – Juggler/Physical Comedian
Celebrity Dream Revue – Impersonators/ Singers by Bryan Magic Productions!
Danza Dance Academy Showcase
Geoff Williams – Comedy Magician
Shawn McMaster – Magician
David Deeble – Comedian
Sven Jorgensen – Circus Arts
Shawn Farquhar – World Champion Magician
Nathan Kranzo – Mentalist and Magic
“Smirk” – Silver Medal Champions in Juggling and Comedy
Troy Hooser – Sleight of Hand Artist
Tim Foolery – Magician
Doc Murdock – Crazy Man and Artist
Arthur Trace – Award Winning Magician & Stage Artist
Eric Buss – The Comedy Imaginator
David Deeble – Comedy Juggler
American Heart Association Fundraiser Show 2011:
Roz Alexander- OpenHeartCast2011ing Act Magic from Wizard Camp
Lew Wymisner – Great Loudini Magician
Cliff Tiffany – Magician
Marty Wayne – Magician
Joe Givan -Magician – Host and Emcee
Carol Massie – Magician and Hostess
Corinne – Magician
John . Sheets – Illusionist
Sean Popp – Magician
Cosmo Solano – Magician
Dan Sperry- Shock Illusionist from America’s Got Talent
Paul Gertner – Magician
Gene Anderson – Magician
Matthew Fallon’s HYPNO-tainment
Carl Andrews – Comedy Magician
Jeff Hobson – Comedy Magician
Summer Sorcery – 4 magicians:

Joe Cole
Carol Massie
Joe Givan
Ted Barlock
Geoff Willliams – Comedy Magician
Gerald the Movie Screening – Tim Gallagher


Arthur Trace – Award Winning Magician & Stage Artist
Banachek – Mentalist – “Miracles of the Mind”
The Secret of Samual Shade- Murder Mystery – Carol Massie & Joe Givan
Bob Sheets – Comedy Magician
Stephen Bargatze – Comedy Magician
“Smirk” – Juggling Team – Reid Belstock & Warren Hammond
Peter Davidson – The Poet of Motion – Juggler & Performing Arts


John Shryock & Marilyn – Illusion Team
Matthew Fallon – Hypno-tainment – Stage Hypnotist
Hannibal – Magician
Dan Sperry – Shock Illusionist – The Anti-Conjuror
Jeff Hobson – Comedy Magician and TV personality
Eric Buss – Comedy Magician
Paul Gertner – Mind Reader/Magician
David Deeble – Comedian/Juggler
Jon Stetson – Mind Reader
Leland Faulkner – Shadow Artist
Ghost Walk/ Seance’ by Dream Masterz
Peter Samelson – Magician


Peter Davison – Poet of Motion
Tim Ellis – Magician
Ardan James – Juggler and Magician
Marc Salem – Mind Reader
Chris Blackmore- Magician


David & Leeman – Magic Duo
Paul Draper – Mentalist
Pat Hazell – Comedy Show, The Wonder Bread Years
Ariann Black – Magician
David Deeble – Comedy Juggler
Tony Clark – Magician
Jeff McBride – Magician – The Show Doctor
Dan Sperry – Shock Illusionist, The Anti-Conjuror
Gregory Wilson – Magician /Pickpocket in “Thief”
David London – Magician
Joe Givan and Carol Massie – Ghost Walk & Spirit Hunt
Joe Monti – Comedy Magician

Martin Lewis
Keith Fields
David Deeble
Pop Haydn
Reid Belstock & Warren Hammond – “Smirk”
Jon Stetson
Chipper Lowell
Shoot Ogawa
Kyle and Mistie Knight

Jeff McBride
Banachek – World renowned Mind Reader – Telepathy Show!
John Carney
Harry & Carol Ann Maurer
Peter Samelson
Keith Fields & Lady Sarah
S.O.S. Show with Joe Givan, Carol Massie & Mark Strivings

Richard Kwessell

Cosmo Solano

Joe Givan

Tim Pendergast

Shawn Preston

A J Perea

Carol Massie


Stuart MacDonald – Fool Us Winner 2017
Brains on Steroids with The Zip Code Man, Anthem & Aria and Joe Givan & Carol Massie
Alain Nu – The Man Who Knows
Michael Ammar
TC Tahoe

Max Maven – Celebrity Mentalist

American Heart Association 2017 – March 14 & 15, 2017
Shawn Preston, Richard Kwesell, A J Perea, Carol Massie, Joe Givan, Tim Pendergast, Cosmo Solano


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