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Rick Maue onstage at the Stardust in Las Vegas

Rick Maue has been one of the most influential performers in the field of Mentalism for many years.  It all ended in 1996 when the Pittsburgh native and his family were involved in a horrendous car crash. Maue was left with life-changing injuries to his brain and internal organs, and though he’s regained his mental faculties, he still suffers from seizures, severe headaches, and blurred vision. He retains the respect of his industry peers, as evidenced by the Lifetime Achievement Award he received at the 2016 MINDvention convention, in Las Vegas.  At MINDvention, Maue also performed A Fine Li(n)e, the one-man show he’s been doing for the past 2 years.  The séance-debunking tradition of Houdini has always been about “lying on the stage.  Inspired partly by famed monologist Spalding Gray, the 90-minute A Fine Li(n)e also gets autobiographical. The theme, Maue says, is “what I used to do and why I no longer do it.”

Who is Rick Maue?:

Rick’s interest in magic started when he was five years old.

He began working on Séances in early 1976, in preparation for a two hour Houdini Séance on the 50th anniversary of his death. Since then, has created/performed in well over a thousand séances. Following a few decades of creating and performing a combination of magic, mentalism, and Haunted Magick, Rick began releasing material such as “Haunted Magick” and “Deceptions” to the magic community through Deceptions Unlimited, which he owns along with his wife Tammy. Rick released his first full-size book in 2000 entitled “The Book Of Haunted Magick”, which has sold in over 30 countries.