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World Famous Magician, Peter Samelson!









Peter Samelson does sophisticated, intelligent theatrical magic where the mystery is kept in focus, and the theatrical elements add emotion and relevance rather than detract from the magic.

Peter is an illusionist, an entertainer, and philosopher; blending simplicity and sophistication, he provokes thought and inspires wonder.

What distinguishes Peter from other artists in the field of Illusion, is his commitment to the concept that his art is a medium, not an end in itself.  He builds pieces that carry ideas as well as entertainment, touching the hearts of his audiences in a way few performers can !

Like the man himself, his stage performance is an uncanny blending of simplicity and sophistication. 

From Mentalism to Mysteries, his illusions are as amazing as they are touching.

Peter designs for TV, film and theater, both on Broadway and Off. He created magic for Sam Mendes productions at BAM and the Old Vic (London) and recently for Leap of Faith and Harvey. He has also created and starred in three critically acclaimed Off-Broadway shows; The Magician, PaperWork and Radnevsky’s Real Magic.

Peter Samelson’s show business credits are as numerous as the raves he receives from every audience for whom he performs. The New York Times calls him “a soft-spoken conceptualist of sorcery.”    ”MAGIC is a crime because it breaks the laws of nature,” the illusionist Peter Samelson teasingly suggests near the beginning of his one-man show, ”The Magician.”