Comedy and Magic of Harry Maurer

August 12, 2017 @ 7:30 pm – 9:00 pm
Theatre of Dreams
735 Park St
Castle Rock, CO 80109
Carol Massie

Consistently funny and always entertaining, Harry presents magic and comedy with an effortless skill of getting audiences involved in his shows — which makes for an award winning performance!

With a clean, professional look that showrooms expect, and a unique “game show” personality and high energy act that audiences demand, Harry Maurer entertains not just in the showrooms of Las Vegas, Laughlin and Biloxi, but in more than half of the showrooms in Atlantic City, where he was nominated for a prestigious “Atlantic City Entertainer of the Year Award” for two “back-to-back” shows!

Self-contained and backed by an exciting score of digitally recorded music, watch as Harry takes you from the comedy of his uniquely original “Picture Frame Trick” to the drama of “The Razor Blades” to the comic “everything-goes-wrong” Houdini Tribute to the parody of a magical game show called “You Bet Your Life” to unique and stunning illusions like “Compressed” where he crushes his assistant until she is only 6 inches tall, to the “Gypsy Rope Tie” where a spectator’s own jacket appears on Harry’s bound assistant in 3 seconds, the incomparable s